Thursday, May 31, 2012

The 3-D World of Student Art

We rarely get a chance to feature creative student expression in the form of 3-D art, so for this issue, we enter a 3-D world that includes sculpture, ceramics, paper mache, even cardboard. All of the following pieces were on display at both the Center for Contemporary Maine Art (CMCA) and at Waterfall Arts’ exhibit “Corregation Nation.” Here are the fascinating objects these teens created and what was the inspiration behind the art.

Artist: Carman Lamb
When I think of a jungle I think of the lion as the King of the Jungle and for this piece, I made the lines on his fur look like machinery, as if he were programmed by something. I imagined the lion to originally be four-foot-tall but then he grew a foot in the making. People have just thought it was really cool looking and have even posed with it, hugging it at the art gallery.
Featured in CMCA  & Camden Public Library

Editor: Carman's art was also featured as "Art Student of The Month" in Pen Bay Pilot. See her story here.

Artist: Colby Hill
My father and friend, Haley Cushing and I made a skateboard out of Canadian Maplewood by pressing it in a concave press. We made the deck and painted a tree with diamonds around it. Haley and I just liked the color and design and made it just for fun. The skateboard itself is actually rideable.
Featured in CMCA 

Artist: Abby Annis
The project [using strategically placed pins woven with embroidery floss] took a lot of patience and precise work but overall, it was a unique process to come up with an intricate an eye-catching design.
Featured at CMCA

Artists: Tucker van Dusen and Katie Derry
We just started brainstorming ideas of what could be carved out of cardboard.  Our teacher, Tucker and I came up with the idea that a photo booth would be cool and we could add pictures of our friends inside of it to make it personal. It was an interesting task but really fun to take on!-Katie

I always liked how the phone booth stood out. I put my own little twist on it and added photos on the inside of the glass. –Tucker
Featured at Waterfall Arts

Adult Comment: This piece was in response to the Waterfall Arts' request for cardboard entries in its "Corregation Nation" exhibit;  it showed a great deal of detailed cuts and design. -->
-Suzanne Southworth- Art Teacher

Artists: Caleb Pease, Timothy Murphy 
Featured at CMCA

 Artists: Brayden Ames, Lily Kassen
 Featured at CMCA

Adult Comment: These two projects involved learning a little about  pop art and talking about artists in the past that used the idea of food as art...such as Claes Oldenberg, Jim Dine, Jasper Johns, Robert Indiana etc...These pieces were made out of clay and then glazed fired with Aamco glazes to cone 05.  Russell Kahn - Art Teacher

Artist: Lizzy Cox
I wanted to do something sort of quirky and fun. This was sort of like looking out of a porthole and seeing this little underwater castle with fish swimming by. It turned out to be 3-D with the clear film in between; it all came together.
Featured at Waterfall Arts

Artist: Tessa Isis-Bahoosh
This is a goose in flight. I really like working with materials that you can play with a lot.  It's like trying to make something that is kind of delicate, pretty and has movement to it with something as simple as cardboard.
Featured at Waterfall Arts

We're still looking for summer submissions! Particularly around the themes of Self-Portrait (any medium), Words and Images (art that uses words within it), Real Vs. Surreal (pieces that how teens view their immediate surroundings) and Edge ( pieces take the concept of art past the expected to the edge).

To submit, email, call (207) 236-9800 or mail to: Five Town Communities That Care, P.O. Box 1135, 219 Meadow Street, Rockport, ME 04856. Please include a real name and a phone number so Stephens can get in touch with you for editing purposes.

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