Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Supernatural, Death and Beyond

In this October issue, we are exploring the themes of death, the supernatural and beyond. Here, we've compiled a group of images and writing that Five Town Community students from a variety of schools have created...and their own interpretation of these themes.

Artist: Makayla Maxwell

Artist: Tia Basford
I called this piece The Circle of Life because this is where I imagined your spirit goes when you pass on.

Editor Comment: Tia was part of The community School last year, but I held onto this piece until I could find the right issue for it. The artwork was done using black cut out paper onto a white background.

Skull by Alice Wang

Artist: Alice Wang
For the skull, I was testing out my drawing skills. I saw the original image of these two skeletons online and I wanted to copy it. I wanted a romantic and sad drawing, kind of like the tragedy of Titanic. I was thinking of those two characters in that scene where she loses him to the water and wanted to have two skeletons hugging.

Artist: Lauren Merritt
If you’ve ever seen on the Sci-Fi Channel, there is a “Face Off.” There are a lot of special effects makeup artists and I guess you could say I developed this style from what they had to do for a challenge. What I saw from past makeup challenges, the twist on the back of the head is an idea they did with a pumpkin on “The Wizard of Oz” and they really morphed it. The alien I made is [in response] to one of the challenges they had one day watching the show, so I drew it mixing my concepts with theirs. I’m interested in a lot of movie stuff and video game design. I guess the hardest part is getting [the drawings] is trying to get everything the way I want to. 

 Artist: Leo Washburn
Editor Comment: I saw this photo at CMCA and found myself a little entranced by the spookiness of it. XX managed to superimpose his "ghostly" subjects onto a night-time scene (see how to do that here) and the effect is certainly chilling.

Artist: Eddie Socker
The inspiration for it was really just fun. We had a project where we had to draw a skull using crosshatching with ink and I made a few add-ons for fun.

The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak
Reviewer: Dakota Sprague
The Book Thief is set during the Holocaust about a young girl Liesel who is traveling on a train
with her mother and brother to her new home.

Her little brother dies on the ride there under suspicious circumstances. Before she goes to
her new home she is going to her brother's burial,where she steals a book called The Grave Digger's
from the cemetery after it falls out of a grave digger's coat. 

The thing is Liesel can't read. Hans Liesel's new foster parent finds the book under her mattress and it pushes him to teach her to read. Soon she begins to steal books at book
burnings. “Death” follows her around not sure what to think of this young girl!

When I first started the book it took me awhile to get into it. As the book went on, it started to catch my attention with the powerful descriptions; it felt like you were actually there. “The last time I saw her was red. The sky was like soup, boiling and stirring. In some places, it was burned. There were
black crumbs and pepper, streaked across the redness.” (p.12). At some points I just didn't know how to feel as I read. It's a really heart touching story that can inspire many with its trip through cruelty, poverty and love. Death is used as the
narrator which I think was phenomenal; it shows the world different perspectives of what death really meant in the Holocaust time period. “I am haunted by humans” (p.550).

This book is a perfect example of how powerful reading can be. It takes a young girl's problems away as she reads. As I read this book, it gave me a different perspective of the Holocaust and how things changed the world and the people
in it.

Adult Comment: I believe Dakota connects with the idea that books can change lives, that the printed word can save us from despair and connect us to others even in the worst of times.
-Andrea Itkin, Passages Coordinator

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